Empowering the global community to be a part of a sustainably healthy lifestyle through Dance

Dance Intensified is a dance fitness program that uses the knowledge base of a professional dancer to create high intensity functional fitness regimens. Our programs are designed to:

► Support you in achieving your fitness goals with challenges that focus on building self-esteem and re-training your body

► Meet you wherever you are on your path to renewed health and accelerate your journey beyond what you thought possible

► Encourage intentional changes in daily habits and activities to reshape your body and refine your health

Now More Than Ever is the Time to Take Control of Your Health and Wellness with Passion and Enthusiasm!

Private Instruction

Learn and practice dance techniques to upgrade your fitness

Dance Workshops

 Improve dance technique or learn new style of choreography

Dance Seminars

For groups to learn and immerse themselves in choreography

Dance Coaching + Mentorship

For clients preparing for performances or auditions

"This dance fitness workout is high energy and fun, but hard work. The dances work on specific parts of your body but at the same time give you a full body work out. The sessions are exhausting but you don't notice until the end because of all the fun you are having while dancing."

Alisha Bender North Carolina

"I can't remember the last time I enjoyed working out. Patina was able to customize the work out to fit my individual needs and I was challenged. Not to mention the music kept me pumped."

Renee Powell Washington, DC

"Attending “Dance Intensified” in 2014, was a great experience! Ms. Patina made my session fun, yet intense. I loved the selection of music during the class which made me want to move. After each class I defiantly felt the burn!"

Keyuanna Evans Landover, Maryland



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